Sunday, May 20, 2012

X Marks My Brain

Today, I should be blogging about travel tips in London. And yet, all I've been able to do today is stare at photos of Jeremy Renner.

For instance:

I mean, who has arms like this? Those are very good arms.

So. There's that, and the school year is winding to a close, which always equals a scattered state of brain for me. We have last minute Pre-AP testing, final projects for presentations, and a comprehensive vocabulary final. All this with seven class days remaining on the calendar.

Fortunately, Mr. Renner (shown above) has given me stolen minutes of mental vacation, and that's what has kept me sane this last couple of weeks. When summer hits, I have a whole list of writing, reading, blogging, arts-and-crafting, cooking, and general hiatus-ing projects to complete. In the meantime, have another one of these on me.

You're welcome!